eDrawings Professional for NX/Unigraphics

Create eDrawings part (*.eprt), assembly (*.easm), and drawing (*.edrw) files from NX™/Unigraphics® part, assembly, and drawing files.

Geometric Limited developed and distributes eDrawings for NX/Unigraphics.

eDrawings for NX/Unigraphics is a plug-in for NX/Unigraphics that allows users to publish, share, and collaborate accurate representations of 2D and 3D product design data from NX/Unigraphics files as read-only eDrawings files.


  1. Download eDrawings Professional for NX/Unigraphics from https://edrawings.geometricglobal.com/products/edrawings-for-nx/ and navigate to the product download page.
  2. Double-click the downloaded executable file and follow the instructions to install eDrawings Professional for NX/Unigraphics.
    eDrawings Professional for NX/Unigraphics appears as the File > Export > eDrawings menu in the NX/Unigraphics application.
    • The installer detects and installs on all supported versions of NX/Unigraphics.
    • Enter your eDrawings Professional license key to install eDrawings Professional for NX/Unigraphics.

To create eDrawings files using eDrawings Professional for NX/Unigraphics:

  1. Open the NX/Unigraphics file.
  2. Click File > Export > eDrawings and select one of the following:
    The eDrawings toolbar is also available with these options.


    Opens the eDrawings Viewer with the eDrawings file displayed. The file currently open in NX/Unigraphics is exported using the options set in the Options dialog box (see Options below).


    Displays the Options dialog box.

    1. Select from these options which vary depending on the file type:

      Export shaded data with drawings

      (Drawings only.) Saves the shaded data from the drawing document in the published eDrawings file.

      Export hidden components with assemblies

      (Assemblies only.) Exports hidden components in an NX/Unigraphics assembly file in the eDrawings file with the visibility set to hidden.

      Export 3D annotations

      Exports 3D annotations in the eDrawings file.

      Export mass properties

      (Parts and assemblies only). Allows the mass properties of the entire model to be exported.

      Tessellation Quality

      Controls the amount of tessellation. Lower settings have smaller file size but are less accurate, while higher settings are more accurate but have larger file size.

      Allow recipient to measure

      Enables measurement of this model by other eDrawings Professional users. If the file is review-enabled, then anyone can measure it. If you do not enable this option, measurement is disabled and no one can measure the model.

      Allow recipient to export STL

      (Parts and assemblies only.) Allows recipients of the eDrawings file to save it as an STL file from the eDrawings Viewer.

      Export BOM table

      Exports bill of material information from an NX assembly in the eDrawings file.

      Export multiple drawings sheets

      Exports multiple drawings sheets in the eDrawings file.

      Export arrangements

      Exports arrangements from an assembly in the eDrawings file.

    2. Click OK to save the options, or Reset to set the options to the original settings.


    Displays the eDrawings Save dialog box.

    1. Set the Options (see the Options section above).
    2. To protect the eDrawings file with a password, select Password required to open document, then enter and confirm the password.
    3. Enter the file name.
    4. Click OK to save the eDrawings file.

      You can then view the eDrawings file using the eDrawings Viewer.

    Batch Publish

    Converts multiple CAD files to eDrawings files. Displays the Batch Publisher dialog box.

    1. Select the files to publish. You can also select folders.
    2. Specify the location for saving the eDrawings files.
    3. Set export Options.
    4. Click Start.


    Displays the eDrawings online help.


    Displays information about the eDrawings for NX/Unigraphics application, including the version.