Saving Files in eDrawings Professional

Saving Files as Web HTML

You can save files as Web HTML files in eDrawings Professional.

eDrawings Web HTML files support the Move and Measure tools. Move is available for assembly files (.easm, .sldasm). Measure is available for all eDrawings and SOLIDWORKS file formats.

When you save a file as eDrawings Web HTML, then open the .html file, you can select a language to display the user interface in the localized language. The file itself retains its native language. In eDrawings Web HTML, click Languages and select a language.

To save files as Web HTML:

  1. In eDrawings Professional, click File > Save As.
  2. In the dialog box:
    1. In Save as type, select eDrawings Web HTML Files (*.html).
    2. Select Enable measure to use the Move tool in the Web HTML file.
      Measure is automatically disabled if you create the HTML file from a measure-disabled file.

Saving Multiple Drawing Sheets

When you publish a multi-sheet drawing document as an eDrawings file, you can select which sheets to publish in the eDrawings file. If you publish multiple sheets, the file size and the time required to save the eDrawings file may increase.

This information is specific to one or more CAD systems. See the eDrawings Functionality Matrix for availability information.
You must have eDrawings Professional installed to be able to choose the sheets to save. If you have the free eDrawings software, all the sheets are published.

To save multiple sheets:

  1. Click Publish eDrawings File or File > Publish to eDrawings.
    For the SOLIDWORKS application, you can also save multiple sheets using File > Save As.
  2. In the Save Sheets to eDrawings file dialog box, in the column, select sheets to save.
  3. Click OK.
    eDrawings opens and lists the selected sheets on the Sheets pane.
  4. To display a different sheet in the graphics area, double-click the sheet on the Sheets pane.