Air Vents PropertyManager

Air vents allow air to escape from a cavity as the melted polymer fills the mold.

Without enabling Venting Analysis, the software assumes that the displaced air has the means to vent (mold is adequately vented). With Venting Analysis enabled, you can predict the effect of the displaced air on the plastic filling. You use the Air Vents boundary condition to specify venting locations.
By adding air vents in critical locations of a cavity, you can avoid potential defects of plastics parts because of the diesel effect.

To open the Air Vents PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, right-click Boundary Conditions, and click Air Vents .

Specify Locations


Selects points (vertices or sketch points) of a model that correspond to air vents. Selected points appear in blue in the graphics area.

To run Venting Analysis after setting the vent locations, in the Fill Settings PropertyManager, select Venting Analysis. After running the analysis, you can view the results in the Fill Results PropertyManager, under Venting Pressure.