Control Valve PropertyManager

Valve gate systems, which are operated pneumatically or hydraulically, can be used with hot runners to open and close the gate, and control the filling and packing of the injection-molded part.

Advantages of valve gate systems include: improved physical appearance, reduced residual stresses, elimination of weld-lines, reduction of cycle time, balancing flow in family molds, and facilitation of very rapid filling in thin-wall molding. You can add control valves to define the location and the opening/closing mechanism of valve gate systems in your mold design.

To open the Control Valve PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, right-click Boundary Conditions, and click Control Valve .
You can use a face or reference plane to define the gate locations, or you can use a plane defined by the intersection of selected surfaces.


  Manually select the control valve locations Adds a control valve on a selected face or reference plane.
  Automatically find intersecting surfaces Lets the software find intersecting surfaces to add a control valve.
Select two bodies that are in contact. Assign these bodies to different domain types in the solid meshing procedure.

Reference Type

Available when you choose manual selection of control valve locations.
Face Adds a control valve to the selected face.
Plane Adds a control valve to the selected reference plane.
Available when you select Automatically find intersecting surfaces.
  Components Select two bodies that intersect each other.
  Find intersecting surfaces Adds a control valve at intersecting surfaces that the tool detects and lists under Results.

Valve Open Range

Options for defining when a control valve opens and closes.
  Volume Ratio (%) Controls the opening and closing of the control valves based on the percentage of the cavity volume that is filled.
  Exclude Runner Volume (Shell Analysis Procedure Only) Excludes the runner volume from the computation.

Available only with shell analysis procedure.

  Time Ratio (%) Controls the opening and closing of the control valves based on the elapsed time since the start of Filling.
  Automatic - Solid Analysis Procedure Only

Opens the control valve automatically when the polymer melt front passes the valve location. The results log reports the time at which the control valve automatically opens. After opening, control valves with the Automatic option remain open for the rest of Filling.

Available for solid analysis procedure.