Injection Location Advisor PropertyManager

The Injection Location Advisor assesses a part's geometry to identify up to four suitable injection locations by considering the specified material, process conditions, and mold opening direction.

To open the Injection Location Advisor PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager tree, right-click Boundary Conditions and click Injection Location Advisor .

The Injection Location Advisor PropertyManager is available only for a Single Material injection process. If a model has runner domains, you cannot use the Injection Location Advisor PropertyManager because the injection locations are already defined.

  • If a model already has injection locations specified, a warning message prompts you to delete them before the Injection Location Advisor can assess the model for potential gate locations.
  • The injection location advisor does not support studies with thermoset materials.


Number of locations Specifies the number of suitable injection locations (maximum of four).
Mold open direction Select one of the following:


SOLIDWORKS Plastics scans the model's geometry to determine the mold open direction along one of the three default planes.

User defined

Specifies the plane for the mold open direction. You can select an existing plane or pick a planar surface or face to determine the mold open direction.

Excluded regions Defines regions of the model that the Injection Location Advisor excludes from consideration.
Result Review Shows the recommended injection locations and a preview of the fill plot.

Predicts how the plastic material fills the mold based on the recommended injection locations.

A red glyph points to a potential gate location selected by the Injection Location Advisor.