Accessing MySession Commands

You can access commonly used MySession commands from various locations in SOLIDWORKS Connected.

Location Accessing MySession Commands
Tools menu Click Tools > Lifecycle and Collaboration.
Context menus Right-click a component and select Lifecycle and Collaboration.
Lifecycle and Collaboration toolbar Click Tools > Customize > Toolbars and select Lifecycle and Collaboration.
Shortcut bar Click Tools > Customize > Shortcut Bars and select Lifecycle and Collaboration.
Commands Click Tools > Customize > Commands and select the MySession command to drop to any toolbar.
Keyboard shortcuts Click Tools > Customize > Keyboard and select the MySession commands to add shortcuts for them. You can click Refresh MySession to refresh the MySession widget. You can also click the Refresh MySession command on the Lifecycle and Collaboration CommandManager or toolbar.
Mouse gestures Click Tools > Customize > Mouse Gestures and add MySession commands to the applicable mouse gesture guides.
Lifecyle and Collaboration CommandManager This tab appears by default.
Available MySession Commands
Lock PLM Properties
Unlock Replace Content
Reload from Server  
Replace by Revision  

For details, see My Session in Dassault Systèmes User Assistance. Access to Dassault Systèmes User Assistance requires 3DEXPERIENCE credentials.