Walk-through Folder

The Walk-through folder on the DisplayManager lists information about Walk-through features applied to the current model.

The Walk-through function lets you explore or create a video of the 3D geometry of plants or other systems. You “see” the geometry of the system as you maneuver through it. You can save what you see and play it back for further study.

To display this folder:

On the DisplayManager click View Scene, Lights, and Cameras and expand the Walk-through folder.

Walk-through Context Menu

When you right-click a Walk-through feature in the DisplayManager, options are as follows:

Edit Walk-through Opens the Walk-through PropertyManager for this feature.


Toggles the availability of the walk-through feature.
Delete Removes the walk-through feature.
Feature Properties Opens the Feature Properties dialog box for the walk-through.
Add Walk-through Adds a walk-through feature and opens the Walk-through PropertyManager.
  Collapse All Collapses all nodes in the Scene, Lights, and Cameras pane.
  Expand All Expands all nodes in the Scene, Lights, and Cameras pane.