Discrete Wires with Auto Route

You can visualize each wire in a bundle distinctly in 3D and flatten them.

The Auto Route PropertyManager, Routing Options include:
  • Merge wires into single route. Routes the selected wires along a single route.
  • Create a distinct route for each wire. Routes the selected wires as distinct routes.
You can edit discrete wires by:
  • Adding a route to the bundle with Add Route to Discrete Bundle.
  • Removing a route from the bundle with Remove Route from Discrete Bundle.
  • Moving the bundle by dragging a spline point on the discrete wire.
  • Merging two bundles with Merge Discrete Bundle.
  • Splitting a single route segment from the bundle.
  • Creating a single junction point for multiple discrete bundles coming out from the connector or separate junction point for each discrete bundle.
  • Routing the bundle through a clip by selecting one of its splines.
  • Handling splices.