Using the Symbol Library

The Symbol Library lets you select multiple symbols from all the symbols provided by the SOLIDWORKS software. You can also use the Windows Character Map to select additional symbols to insert.

SOLIDWORKS provides symbol categories for specific types of annotation, such as weld symbols, geometric tolerancing symbols, and modifying symbols.

Drawing_detailing_Ansi_weld_symbols Drawing_detailing_geometric_tolerancing_symbols
ANSI Weld Symbols Geometric Tolerancing Symbols
Modifying Symbols ISO Tolerancing Symbols

Symbols categories:

Category Example Description
ANSI Lay Symbols Perpendicularity
  Weld Contour Symbols Fillet with concave
  Weld Spacer Symbols Double V groove spacer
  Weld Symbols Flange edge
Draft Draft Symbols Plus Draft
Flag Circle 1-99 Circle 1
  Circle 1.-99. Circle 1.
  Circle A-Z Circle A
  Circle A.-Z. Circle A.
  Square 1-99 Square 1
  Square 1.-99. Square 1.
  Square A-Z Square A
  Square A.-Z. Square A.
  Square Circle 1-99 Square/Circle 1
  Square Circle 1.-99. Square/Circle 1.
  Square Circle A-Z Square/Circle A
  Square Circle A.-Z. Square/Circle A.
  Triangle 1-99 Triangle 1
  Triangle 1.-99. Triangle 1.
  Triangle A-Z Triangle A
  Triangle A.-Z. Triangle A.
  Triangle Rotated 1-99 Triangle-rotated 1
  Triangle Rotated 1.-99. Triangle-rotated 1.
  Triangle Rotated A-Z Triangle-rotated A
  Triangle Rotated A.-Z. Triangle-rotated A.
Geometric Tolerancing   Cylindricity
GOST Geometric Tolerancing Position
  Weld Symbols Number (No)
Hole Symbols   Depth/Deep
Inspection Symbols   Inspection box (empty)
ISO Geometric Tolerancing Symmetry
  Tolerancing Two-point size
  Weld Contour Symbols Flat
  Weld Symbols Butt
JIS Weld Symbols   JIS seam
Key Symbol   Key
Modifying Symbols   Conical taper
View Symbols   GOST unfold