Datum Feature Symbols

You can attach a datum feature symbol to the following items:
  • In a part or assembly, on a planar model surface or on a reference plane
  • In a drawing view, on a surface that appears as an edge (including silhouette edges) or on a section view surface to identify datum planes in the part
  • A geometric tolerance symbol frame
  • In a note
  • On a dimension, except for:
    • Ordinate dimensions
    • Chamfer dimensions
    • Angular dimensions (unless the symbols are displayed per the 1982 standard)
    • Arc dimensions

You can also drag and drop datum feature symbols onto existing dimensions and geometric tolerance frames.

datum_with_diameter.gif datum_with_dimension.gif
Datum feature symbol attached to model surface Datum feature symbol attached to dimension
Datum feature symbols attached to model surface, dimensions, and geometric tolerance symbol frame