Geometric Tolerance Symbols

The geometric tolerance symbol adds geometric tolerances to parts and drawings using feature control frames. The SOLIDWORKS software supports the ASME Y14.5-2009 Geometric and True Position Tolerancing guidelines.

  • You can place geometric tolerancing symbols, with or without leaders, anywhere in a drawing, part, assembly, or sketch, and you can attach a symbol anywhere on a dimension line.

  • Various properties dialog boxes for geometric tolerance symbols offer selections based on the symbol you choose. Only the attributes that are appropriate for the selected symbol are available.
  • A geometric tolerance symbol can have any number of frames.
  • The pointer changes to when it is on a geometric tolerancing symbol.
  • You can add multiple symbols without closing the dialog box.
  • You can display multiple leaders. Video: Multiple Leaders
  • You can add more leaders to an existing symbol by holding down Ctrl and dragging a leader attachment point.
  • To edit an existing symbol, select the symbol.
  • When you drag the leader of a geometric tolerance symbol off a model edge, an automatic witness line is created.