Weld Symbol Properties

You can create weld symbols in part, assembly, and drawing documents.

Set the drafting standard in Document Properties - Drafting Standard to ISO, BSI, DIN, JIS, or GB for access to Weld Symbol Properties. Set it to ANSI or GOST to access dialog boxes for weld symbols in those standards.

To open this dialog box, do one of the following:

  • Click Weld Symbol (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Weld Symbol.
  • Double-click an existing weld symbol, or right-click the symbol and select Properties.

Many of the properties are available both above and below the weld symbol line. A preview of the symbol is displayed in the graphics area.
Peripheral Creates a circle at the bend in the weld line to indicate that the weld is applied all around the contour.
Field/Site Adds at the bend in the weld line to indicate that the weld is applied in the field or on-site. Select the lower Field/Site to point the flag down.
Weld symbol Use the upper Weld symbol button to select a symbol for a "this side" weld. Use the lower Weld symbol button to select a symbol for an "other side" weld.
Click and select a symbol from a symbol library. To turn off the symbol, clear it by toggling it off. Other options become available, depending on the symbol you choose. Type a size to the left of the symbol. Type a pitch to the right of the symbol. Pitch format is usually Length-Pitch.
"Other side" weld "This side" weld
The ISO standard uses the weld symbols on (above) the line for a "near side" or "this side" weld and weld symbols on the dashed line (below) for a "far side" or "other side" weld by default. If you change the drafting standard to ISO, the software changes the weld symbols.
Specification process Type text in the large box at the right, in any number of lines, to appear in the tail of the symbol.

Reference Creates a reference box around the Specification process text.
Contour Applies a contour shape above the symbol.
Groove Angle (JIS only) Type an angle in degrees (degree symbol is added automatically).


Places text inside the weld symbol.

Root Opening (JIS only) Type a dimension.
2nd fillet Adds a second fillet to the existing symbol. This option is available for Square Butt, Single Bevel Butt, Single Bevel Butt with Root, and Single J Butt only. Type a size to the left of the symbol. Type a pitch to the right of the symbol.
Symmetric Properties on one side of the symbol line also appear on the other side.
Stagger Adds the symbol for staggered intermittent welds:

Specify the weld details in the fields to the right of each Weld symbol button.
  • In the first box, enter the number and length of the weld elements; for example, 4 x 50.
  • In the second box, enter the distance between each weld element; for example, (50).
Identification line on the top Moves the dashed identification line above the symbol line.
Font To specify a font for text and size of symbols, clear Use document font and click Font.
Leader anchor Anchor the leader to the specified location on the weld symbol.
Use multi jog leader Allows you to click in the graphics area several times to create bends for the leader.
Layer In a drawing with named layers, choose a layer from the list.
Include this symbol in weld table Select to make the weld symbol available for the weld table.
Style To modify weld symbol style options. For details, see Style.
Leader Style (in the Weld Symbol PropertyManager) Use document display:
  • Select to use the weld symbol document properties configured in Document Properties > Weld Symbols.
  • Clear to specify leader style or thickness .