GOST Weld Symbol Properties

You can create GOST weld symbols in part, assembly, and drawing documents.

Set the drafting standard in Document Properties > Drafting Standard to GOST.

To open this dialog box, do one of the following:

  • Click Weld Symbol Tool_Weld_Symbol_Annotation.gif (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Weld Symbol.
  • Double-click an existing weld symbol, or right-click the symbol and select Properties.
Field Adds Weld_Symbol_GOST_Field.gif at the bend in the weld line to indicate that the weld is applied in the field.
Around Creates a circle Weld_Symbol_GOST_Around.gif at the bend in the weld line to indicate that the weld is applied all around the contour.
Other Side Move the arrow from the upper Weld_Symbol_GOST_arrow.gif to the lower Weld_Symbol_GOST_OtherSide.gif side of the leader.
Leader anchor Anchor the leader to the specified location on the weld symbol.
Use multi jog leader Allows you to click in the graphics area several times to create bends for the leader.
Layer In a drawing with named layers, choose a layer from the list.
Solder Adds Weld_Symbol_GOST_Solder.gif to the symbol leader.
Glue Adds Weld_Symbol_GOST_Glue.gif to the symbol leader.
Weld Text Type the weld dimensions and specifications.
  • The box on the left contains the text that appears on the bent leader; the other two boxes contain the text that appears above and below the bent leader.
  • Place the cursor in the text box where you want one of the following symbols and click the symbol button.
    GW-FILL.gif Fillet Weld GW-CHECK.gif Stagger Check
    GW-HEAT.gif Heat GW-NOTAR.gif Not All Around
    GW-SMTH.gif Smooth GW-DIAM.gif Diameter
    GW-CHAIN.gif Stagger Chain GW-NUMB.gif Number
SF Symbol

To add surface finish information to the symbol:

Under SF Symbol, select Top or Bottom to place the symbol above or below the horizontal leader. Enter the information in the Surface Finish Symbol dialog box, and click OK.

To modify the surface finish information:

Click Details for the side you want to modify.


To specify a font for text and size of symbols:

Clear Use document font and click Font.

Style For details, see Style.