ANSI Weld Symbol Properties

You can create ANSI weld symbols in part, assembly, and drawing documents.

Set the drafting standard in Document Properties > Drafting Standard to ANSI.

To open this dialog box, do one of the following:

  • Click Weld Symbol Tool_Weld_Symbol_Annotation.gif (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Weld Symbol.
  • Double-click an existing weld symbol, or right-click the symbol and select Properties.
Many of the properties are available both above and below the weld symbol line and are described in order from the line. A preview of the symbol is displayed in the graphics area.

Around Creates a circle at the bend in the weld line to indicate that the weld is applied all around the contour.
Field/Site Adds Weld_Symbol_ANSI_Field.gif at the bend in the weld line to indicate that the weld is applied in the field or on-site. Select the lower Field/Site to point the flag down.
weld_symbol_field_site.gif weld_symbol_field_site_lower.gif
Upper Field/Site Lower Field/Site
Weld Symbol Use the upper Weld Symbol button to select a symbol for an "other side" weld. Use the lower Weld Symbol button to select a symbol for a "this side" weld.
Click and select a symbol from a symbol library. To turn off the symbol, select <None>. Other options become available, depending on the symbol chosen. Type a size to the left of the symbol. Type a pitch to the right of the symbol. Pitch format is usually Length-Pitch.
weld_symbol_this_side.gif weld_symbol_other_side.gif
"This side" weld with size 1/8 and pitch 2-4. "Other side" weld
Specification process Type text in the box, in any number of lines, to appear in the tail of the symbol.
Contour Select:









Finishing method Select None, Chipping, Grinding, Hammering, Machining, Rolling, or Unspecified.
Stagger weld Weld symbols above and below the line are staggered. Weld_Symbol_ANSI_Stagger.gif Select Right or Left to specify where to stagger the symbol below the weld symbol line.
2nd fillet Adds a second fillet to the existing symbol. This option is available for Square, Bevel, J Groove, and Flare-Bevel only. Type a size to the left of the symbol. Type a pitch to the right of the symbol.
weld_symbol_2nd_fillet.gif weld_symbol_2nd_fillet_siz_pitch.gif
2nd fillet 2nd fillet with size and pitch
Root opening Type a dimension.
Arrow Attaches the root opening to the symbol with an arrow.
Groove angle Type an angle in degrees (degree symbol is added automatically).
Inside Text placed inside the weld symbol.
Joint with Choose None or one of the types, such as Double V Groove Spacer.
Font To specify a font for text and size of symbols, clear Use document font and click Font.
Leader anchor Anchor the leader to the specified location on the weld symbol.
Use multi jog leader Allows you to click in the graphics area several times to create bends for the leader.
Layer In a drawing with named layers, select a layer from the list.