Easy Mode

In Easy Mode, the toolbar hides automatically, and appears when you hover over it. The Palette is not available. Instead, a wizard appears at the bottom of the window.

The wizard includes the following items:
Import Lets you import a model, or you can drop a CAD file into the window.
Paint Displays the Appearances dialog box.

To apply an appearance to a part:

  1. Click Library .
  2. In the Appearances Library dialog box, locate an appearance in your local library or, if you are logged in, switch to the Cloud library.
  3. Drag the appearance onto the imported model or its parts.

To edit an appearance that you have applied to a model or part, right-click the model, or part and click Appearance Properties to open the Appearance dialog box.

Scenes Opens the Scenes library, from which you can drop an HDR environment image into the scene.
Camera Opens the Camera panel, which provides camera controls such as Brightness, Perspective, and filters.
  • In the main toolbar, select the Render Wizard . Then in the Welcome page, select Snapshot to take a snapshot of the current viewport or select another render type from the list.
  • To select or create a preset, in the Welcome page, click the Smart Control Bar..
  • See Rendering Images for more details.