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Point Light Properties

PhotoWorks provides advanced light properties for Point lights.

When you drag point light targets, the targets snap to references (vertices, edges, etc.). The pointer changes to indicate the type of entity being snapped to. To override the snap, press Ctrl while dragging.

To modify PhotoWorks properties for a Point light:

  1. Select the FeatureManager design tree tab .

  2. Expand the Lights, Cameras and Scene folder.

  3. Right-click Point, and select Properties.

  4. In the PropertyManager, under Basic, click PhotoWorks Properties.

  5. Modify the following properties, then click OK .


  • On in PhotoWorks. Uses this light in the PhotoWorks scene.

  • Use Realistic Falloff. Improves photo realism by controlling how light intensity diminishes as a function of distance. This option is only available with Point , Spot , and area lights,

  • Keep light. Keeps this light if you open a predefined light source from the Lighting tab of the Scene Editor dialog box. When cleared, this light is deleted when you open a predefined light source.

  • Preview window. Displays the Preview dialog box when this PropertyManager is open.

  • Fog light. Scatters the light.

  • Fog density. Controls the brightness of the Fog light effect.


The settings on the Lighting tab in the Scene Editor appear as the defaults. Setting shadows in this dialog box overrides the defaults. Only opaque shadows are set here. Transparent shadows are specified on the Scene Editor Lighting tab.

  • Global shadows. Displays shadows for the light. The appearance and quality of the shadows is controlled by the Global shadow control settings on the Lighting tab of the Scene Editor dialog box.

  • No shadows. No shadows appear for the light.

  • Shadows on. Shows opaque shadows for the light.

With Shadows on selected:

    • Edges. Hard settings produce shadows with sharp edges. Soft settings produce shadows with blurred edges.

    • Edge Quality. Low quality settings produce jagged shadow boundaries. High quality settings produce anti-aliased shadow boundaries.

      Soft shadow calculation with high edge quality can decrease performance significantly, but images with soft shadows look more realistic.

    • Fog Quality. When set to Low, objects blocking the light are ignored and do not cast shadows, resulting in fast performance. For any other setting, volumetric shadows are calculated by taking objects blocking the light into account, increasing rendering time because the calculations use numerical integration.

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