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Mesh Quality

Plots quality parameters of solid and shell elements.

To define a mesh quality plot:

  1. Right-click Mesh in the Simulation study tree and select Create Mesh Plot.

  1. In the PropertyManager, under Display, select:

    • Mesh. Generates a regular mesh plot showing element edges.

    • Aspect Ratio. Plots the Aspect Ratio for each element.

    • Jacobian. Plots the Jacobian (measures the placement of mid-side nodes, available for high quality mesh only). Activate the Jacobian check in the Mesh Options or in the Mesh PropertyManager of a study to avoid errors due to misplaced mid-side nodes.

  2. Under Advanced Options, select a color for the shell elements. These options apply only when you select Mesh under Display for a shell mesh.

    • Uniform color for shell bottom surface. Displays the bottom shell surfaces in one color and the top shell surfaces in another color.

    • Color based on shell material or Color based on shell thickness. Colors the shells according to their thickness or material.

  1. Under Property, select Include title text and enter the desired text.

  2. To associate the plot with a view, select Associate plot with name view orientation and select a view from the drop-down menu. If you clear this option, the plot will show in the active view orientation.

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