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Component Library

A component library is an .xml file that cross-references the components in the from-to list to the SolidWorks part documents for those components. If you are not importing data with a from-to list, you do not need a component library.

To create a component library, do one of the following:

  • Create the data in an Excel spreadsheet, and import it into the SolidWorks software.

  • Use the sample component library provided with the SolidWorks software, and edit it to define the components you need.

You can also use the Routing Electrical Library Wizard to help you create, edit, and import electrical cable and component data.

The component library contains the following fields.



Part number

A unique value for each component.

The value in this field must match the value in the Part number field in the from-to list.

Library part name

The name of the SolidWorks part for this component, such as db15e.sldprt or c:\myparts\plug.sldprt. This can be a relative pathname (relative to the location of the component library .xml file) or a full pathname.

Configuration name

The configuration of the SolidWorks part to use for this component.


A text description of the component. This field is for information only; the value is not used by the software.

To create an Excel file for import into a component library:

Create an Excel file containing the fields listed in the table above. Keep the following in mind:

  • The data must start in column A, but does not need to start in the first row.

  • Part number must be the first field, and must be in column A. The order of the remaining fields is unimportant.

  • You can use different header names for the fields in the Excel file and cross-reference the names to the library header fields when you import the Excel file.

To import an Excel file into a component library:

  1. Click Routing, Electrical, Import Component Library.

  2. Set options in the PropertyManager.

  1. Click .

    The Excel file is imported into a component library (XML file).

To edit an existing component library:

  1. Click Routing, Electrical, Open Component Library.

    The Component Library dialog box appears and displays the most recently accessed library.

  2. In the dialog box:

    • Click Browse and select the path to the library file you want to display.

    • Double-click in any field and type to change the value in that field.

    • Click in a SolidWorks Document field, then type the path or browse to the part document.

When you browse to the part document, you can also select a configuration.

  1. Click Save to save the edited values in the existing library, or Save As to save the edited values in a new file.

  2. Click OK.


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