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Recognizing Features Automatically

To recognize features automatically:

  1. Click Recognize Features tool_recognize_features.gif (Features toolbar) or Insert > FeatureWorks > Recognize Features.

    You can also select an imported body in the graphics area or in the SolidWorks FeatureManager design tree, right-click, and select FeatureWorks > Recognize Features. This works for automatic and interactive recognition.
    The FeatureWorks PropertyManager appears.

  2. Under Recognition Mode, click Automatic.
  3. Under Feature Type, click one of these options:

    • Standard Features. The Automatic Features box displays the standard features. Select from the following to add to the list of features for Automatic Feature Recognition:
      Extrudes For all extrudes, FeatureWorks recognizes the Blind end condition. For cut-extrudes, FeatureWorks also recognizes Through All and Up to Next.
      Volume Recognized as a thickened surface feature. A Volume feature can be either a Boss-Thicken or a Cut-Thicken feature. The surface that is thickened is recognized as a Surface-Imported feature.
      Holes You can automatically recognize simple holes and Hole Wizard holes . To recognize Hole Wizard holes, set the Recognize holes as wizard holes option. FeatureWorks recognizes these end conditions: Blind, Through All, and Up to Next. FeatureWorks also recognizes these end conditions when you use the resize tool.
      Fillets/Chamfers Support includes automatic recognition of variable radius fillets, including simple variable radius fillets, chained variable radius fillets, and chains of simple and variable radius fillets.
      Local Recognition Under Selected entities, select one or more faces on your part to add to the Local Recognition PM_face.gif box. FeatureWorks performs Automatic Feature Recognition on only those features that use the faces you select. If the only remaining feature is a base, then FeatureWorks recognizes that also. The Holes and Volume options are automatically enabled during Local Recognition. You can recognize holes, revolves, and extrudes using Local Recognition.
    • Sheet Metal. The Automatic Features box displays the sheet metal features. Select from the following to customize the features for Automatic Feature Recognition:
      Base flange  
      Sketched bend  
      Edge Flange  
      Fixed face You must select a Fixed Face PM_face.gif to recognize sheet metal features.
    Automatic recognition of hem and edge flange features include some limitations. See Hem and Edge Flange Limitations.
    Click PM_Select_All_Filters.gif or PM_Clear_All_Filters.gif to select or clear all feature filters.

  4. Click PM_next.gif to automatically recognize the selected features.

    The Intermediate Stage PropertyManager appears with the list of Recognized Features.

  5. If necessary, you can Find Patterns, Combine Features, or Re-Recognize features as alternate features.
  6. Click PM_OK.gif to recognize the features. To exit without recognizing the features, click PM_Cancel.gif.

    The features appear in the SolidWorks FeatureManager design tree.

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