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Operators, Functions, and Constants

When you use trigonometric functions in equations, specify the angular units by selecting Degrees or Radians in Angular Equation Units in the Equations dialog box.

Operator Name Notes
+ plus sign addition
- minus sign subtraction
* asterisk multiplication
/ forward dash division
^ caret exponentiation
sin (a) sine a is the angle; returns the sine ratio
cos (a) cosine a is the angle; returns the cosine ratio
tan (a) tangent a is the angle; returns the tangent ratio
sec (a) secant a is the angle; returns the secant ratio
cosec (a) cosecant a is the angle; returns the cosecant ratio
cotan (a) cotangent a is the angle; returns the cotangent ratio
arcsin (a) inverse sine a is the sine ratio; returns the angle
arccos (a) inverse cosine a is the cosine ratio; returns the angle
atn (a) inverse tangent a is the tangent ratio; returns the angle
arcsec (a) inverse secant a is the secant ratio; returns the angle
arccosec (a) inverse cosecant a is the cosecant ratio; returns the angle
arccotan (a) inverse cotangent a is the cotangent ratio; returns the angle
abs (a) absolute value returns the absolute value of a
exp (n) exponential returns e raised to the power of n
log (a) logarithmic returns the natural log of a to the base e
sqr (a) square root returns the square root of a
int (a) integer returns a as an integer
sgn (a) sign returns the sign of a as -1 or 1

For example: sgn(-21) returns -1

pi pi ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle (3.14...)

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