Import Groups from Active Directory - Add Groups

Use the first page of the Import Groups from Active Directory wizard to locate Active Directory groups and select them to be added to the vault.

To display this screen:

Right-click Groups and click Import from Active Directory.

This option is only available if the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server uses Windows login.
Find all Active Directory groups Searches domains within the current forest (Active Directory security boundary) for Active Directory groups.
Find the Following Group Searches a group you specify.

You can add groups to the list individually using this option.

Find Initiates the Active Directory search.
Groups to add Groups found by the Active Directory search.

You must select at least one group to proceed with the wizard.

The group's name consists of the group's domain name and sAMAccountName. For user-friendly group names in SOLIDWORKS PDM, ensure that your Active Directory sAMAccountNames are meaningful.
Clear List Clears group list to allow another search.
Next Displays the second wizard screen, which lists all users of the selected groups.