Import Groups from Active Directory - Select Users

Use the second page of the Import Groups from Active Directory wizard to select individual users for the SOLIDWORKS PDM group.

To display this screen:

Right-click Groups and click Import from Active Directory. Search for Active Directory groups and select those to import. Click Next.

Group Members Users belonging to Active Directory groups selected for import.

Selected users will become members of the new SOLIDWORKS PDM groups.

Status of each user is shown as follows:
  Status message Additional Actions
OK None needed.

A new user will be created and added to the group.

OK None needed.

The user is already present in the vault and will be added to the group.

Not found on the archive server To ensure that these users can log in, use the Archive Server Configuration tool to add them to the Windows login settings.
Copy permissions and settings from Select an existing user from the list to give the new group members that user's permissions.
Previous Return to the first wizard screen to search for more Active Directory groups.
Next Creates the groups and displays their properties.