Update from Active Directory Dialog Box

Use the Update from Active Directory dialog box to synchronize SOLIDWORKS PDM groups with Active Directory groups.

To display this dialog box, do one of the following:

  • Expand Groups, right-click the group to update, and click Update from Active Directory.
  • On the Groups page of the group's Properties dialog box, click Update from Active Directory.
Updates to perform Lists differences found for users whose Active Directory and SOLIDWORKS PDM group status are not synchronized.

Available actions will synchronize SOLIDWORKS PDM group with Active Directory group.


Login name and full name of user.



  • Current status in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

    For example, Already present in the vault.

  • Changes that will occur if the update is made.

    For example, new e-mail address and New user will be created.

If the warning status Not found on the archive server is displayed, use the Archive Server Configuration tool to add the users to the Windows login settings to ensure that they can log in.

Copy permissions and settings from Select an existing user from the list to give new group members that user's permissions.