User Properties - Assigned Cache Options Tab

Use the Assigned Cache Options tab of the Cache Options page to view and assign cache options for group members. You can also use the Cache Options per Folder tab for the same purpose.

To access the Assigned Cache Options tab:

  1. Display a user's Properties dialog box by doing one of the following:
    • Expand the Users node and double-click the user.
    • Right-click Users and select New User.
  2. In the left pane, click Cache Options.
  3. Click Assigned Cache Options.
The cache options on the Assigned Cache Options tab are the same as those on the Cache Options per Folder tab.


Lists folders for which cache options have been (explicitly) set.

Click a folder to see the assigned cache options.

Add Displays the Add Cache Assignment dialog box, where you can select specific folders to explicitly apply cache options.
Remove Removes the selected folder.

Cache Options

Clear cache during logout Automatically clears the local cache when the user logs out.
Refresh cache during login Performs an automated version of the Get Latest command for the files in the selected folder when the user logs in.