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Release Notes

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This topic provides you with quick access to the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS API 2018.

Service Pack 4
New method

IRefPlaneFeatureData Interface

Obsoleted method

IRefPlaneFeatureData Interface

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Service Pack 2
New methods

IAnnotation Interface

IModelDocExtension Interface

Obsoleted method

IModelDoc2 Interface

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Service Pack 0
New and changed functionality

Improved API architecture

Thread features

Advanced Holes in parts

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) 3.0

Context-Sensitive Help Viewer Help for .NET Macros

  • Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, and later all support Microsoft Help Viewer. When you install SOLIDWORKS 2018, SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS enumerator context-sensitive helps are registered and integrated with the Help Viewer of the Visual Studio installed on your machine. After installing SOLIDWORKS 2018, configure Visual Studio to launch Help Viewer F1 help by selecting Help >  Help Preference > Launch in Help Viewer. For details, read about Context-Sensitive SOLIDWORKS API Help.

SOLIDWORKS Accessor Diagrams

  • Each interface help topic in this release of the SOLIDWORKS API help includes an accessor diagram. 
  • Accessor diagrams quickly show you which interfaces either access or are accessed by an interface.
  • Click the link in the Accessor Diagram section of any interface help topic. The topic interface's accessor diagram opens in a PDF reader. On the left side of the diagram are the interfaces whose methods or properties access the topic interface. On the right side of the diagram are the interfaces accessed by methods or properties in the topic interface.
  • For detailed information about accessing a particular interface, inspect the Accessors section in that interface's help topic.

Other major enhancements 


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New interfaces

IAdvancedHoleElementData Interface

IAdvancedHoleFeatureData Interface

IAngleMateFeatureData Interface

ICounterboreElementData Interface

ICountersinkElementData Interface

IDimXpertGtol Interface

IDistanceMateFeatureData Interface

IGeneralToleranceTableAnnotation Interface

IGeneralToleranceTableFeature Interface

ILinearCouplerMateFeatureData Interface

IMateFeatureData Interface

ISMNormalCutFeatureData Interface

IStraightElementData Interface

IStraightTapElementData Interface

ISymmetricMateFeatureData Interface

ITaperedTapElementData Interface

IThreadFeatureData Interface

IWidthMateFeatureData Interface

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New methods, properties, and delegates


IAssemblyDoc Interface

IBody2 Interface

IBomTableAnnotation Interface

IBreakLine Interface

IComponent2 Interface

IConfiguration Interface

IConfigurationManager Interface

ICustomPropertyManager Interface

IDatumTargetSym Interface

IDimXpertFeature Interface

IDimXpertPart Interface

IDocumentSpecification Interface


IEquationMgr Interface

IExplodeStep Interface

IFeatureManager Interface

IFlatPatternFeatureData Interface

IGtol Interface

ILayer Interface

IMate2 Interface

IMBD3DPdfData Interface

IMirrorPartFeatureData Interface

IModelDocExtension Interface

IModeler Interface

INote Interface

IPackAndGo Interface

IRayTraceRendererOptions Interface

ISheet Interface

ISketchManager Interface

ISketchSpline Interface

ISldWorks Interface

ISplitBodyFeatureData Interface

ISweepFeatureData Interface

ISwHtmlInterface Interface

ITableAnnotation Interface

IView Interface


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Obsoleted methods, properties, and delegates

IConfiguration Interface

IConfigurationManager Interface

ICustomPropertyManager Interface

IFeatureManager Interface

IModelDoc2 Interface

IModelDocExtension Interface

ISketchManager Interface

ITableAnnotation Interface

IView Interface


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End of life announcements


  • SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM API is no longer supported. SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM is replaced by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

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