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Setting Options

This information is specific to one or more CAD systems. See the Solidworks eDrawings functionality matrix for availability information.

To set the SolidWorks eDrawings Viewer options:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click Tools, Options.

    • In the eDrawings Manager, click Options on the Markup tab, or click Simulation Options on the Simulation tab.

The Options dialog box appears with four tabs: General, Markup, Simulation, and Import.

If you click Options or Simulation Options from the SolidWorks eDrawings Manager, the corresponding Markup or Simulation tab in the Options dialog box is selected automatically.

  1. Select from the options below, then click OK.

Reset resets the options on all tabs to the system defaults.

General Tab


  • Highlight color. Sets the color used when you select an entity.

  • Background color. Sets the background color in the graphics area for all files.

    • Override document background. Overrides the document background color with the specified color.

    • Use gradient background. Applies a gradient background using the color selected in Background color. This option is available if you select the Override document background option.

  • Paper color. Sets paper color in drawing documents.

    • Override paper color. Overrides the document's paper color with the specified color.

  • Use dynamic view animations. When you change from one view to another, the change shows an animated sequence of frames.

  • Display shadows. Displays shadows in models.


  • Graphics boost. Uses graphics adapter hardware acceleration. This option is recommended for approved graphics cards. Click Approved graphics cards for more information.

    You can optimize for:

    • Fastest speed

    • Best appearance, including reflections, which enhances appearance, but might take longer to render. This option supports:

      • SolidWorks RealView, the appearances and scenes defined in SolidWorks 2009 or later parts and assemblies

      • Floor reflection for parts and assemblies from all supported applications

    If you experience graphics problems with the eDrawings Viewer, close all open files and clear Graphics boost. When you clear Graphics boost eDrawings uses software OpenGL.

  • Reset. Resets performance settings based on your graphics card.

Other Options

  • Show latest news feed in status bar. Clear to disable the display of SolidWorks news and events.

  • Enable performance email. Performance information is sent to SolidWorks Corporation to help improve the product. The process is transparent and reports only system and command information for quality and usage evaluation. All information is confidential. For more information on the Customer Experience Feedback Program, click Enable performance email. You can also enable this tool when you install eDrawings, or when you open an eDrawings executable or HTML file for the first time. This option takes effect the next time you open the eDrawings Viewer.

  • Check for service pack updates every 30 days. If a new service pack is available, a message appears with its version number and the option to download.

  • Disable SolidWorks Network License. Disables SolidWorks Network License (SNL) if your machine has been configured to use SNL. Restart the eDrawings application to apply a change.

Stamps path

Specify the path and folder that contains stamp images.

Markup Tab

Comment preferences

Reset does not reset the first three fields.

  • Name (mandatory). Displays the user login name if you log in to a network. Otherwise, it displays "Default." The name appears next to the comment name on the Markup tab in the eDrawings Manager.

  • Phone number (optional).

  • Email address (optional).

  • Color. Displays the Color dialog box to change the comment color.

  • Line Thickness . Select a line thickness for comments with clouds or geometric elements.

  • Font . Set the comment font in the Font dialog box.

Apply changes to:

  • All comments in this document.

  • Current comment.

  • New comments. Applies changes only to comments added after you change the option.

You can apply changes to your own comments only.

Replying to comments

  • Copy original comment when replying. Retains the original comment in the graphics area with your reply comment. The original comment takes the color set with the Original comment color option.

  • Original comment color. Set the color of the comment to which you are replying. This color is applied only to comments to which you reply.

Simulation Tab

  • Automatically open simulation files. Loads all SolidWorks eDrawings simulation files (*.analysis.eprt or *.analysis.easm) that are in the same folder as an open eDrawings file.

  • Save simulation information in eDrawings file. Saves simulation data loaded in the current eDrawings file when you save the eDrawings file. This might increase file size.

  • For more information, see SolidWorks Simulation Data.

Import Tab

GTOL symbol definitions

For native SolidWorks drawing documents, you can specify a GTOL symbol file.

  • Use default. Uses the default gtols.sym file. To specify a different *.sym file, clear Use default and browse to select a file.

DXF/DWG import

You can specify the paths used to find referenced XREF, shape, or font files. You can specify multiple search paths and the order in which they are searched. See also DXF/DWG File XREFs.

Click inside a list to activate it:

  • Xref folders. Add search paths for XREF files

  • Shape and font folders. Add search paths for shape and font files.

Click one of the following:

  • Add. Browse to the folder, then click OK to add that path to the list.  

  • Remove. Deletes the folder.

  • Edit. Modify the search path.

  • Move up and Move down. Select a path to change its position in the search order.


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