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General System Options

Specify general system options such as enabling the performance feedback option, the Confirmation Corner, etc.

To set general system options:

  1. Click Options  or Tools, Options.

  1. Select from the options described below, then click OK.

Click Reset to restore factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.

Open last used document(s) at startup. Select Always or Never. Select Always if you want the documents that you used most recently to open when you start the SolidWorks software.

Input dimension value. The Modify dialog box appears when you insert a dimension. Otherwise, you must double-click the dimension to change the value.

Single command per pick. Sketch and dimension tools clear after each use. (Double-clicking a tool causes it to remain selected for additional use.)

Show errors every rebuild. If cleared, error messages appear only once.

Warn before saving documents with update errors. The warning gives you the opportunity to fix errors before saving the document.

Maximize document on open. Opens each document to its largest size within the SolidWorks window.

Use shaded face highlighting. Displays selected faces in a solid color (green by default). To specify a different highlight color, click Tools, Options, System Options, Colors, then select a different color for Selected Face, Shaded.

Some third-party applications may require that you clear this option.

Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer. Displays a thumbnail graphic instead of an icon in Windows Explorer for each SolidWorks part or assembly document. The graphic is displayed in an isometric view, zoomed to fit, with a white background. A palette of 16 colors is used; if the model uses a color that is not available, a similar color is substituted. The thumbnail graphics are also used in the Open and Save As dialog boxes.

If you do not see thumbnail graphics in the Open or Save As dialog boxes, you may have to open, then save your documents. When you re-open these dialog boxes, you will see the thumbnail graphics.

Use system separator for dimensions. The default system decimal separator is used when displaying decimal numbers.

  • To set the system default, use the Windows Control Panel.

  • To set a decimal separator different from the system default, clear the option and type a symbol (usually a period or a comma).

Use English language menus. Available if you specified another language during installation and the regional options in the Windows Control Panel are set to that language.

You must exit and re-start SolidWorks for this change to take place.

Use English language feature and file names. Displays feature names in the FeatureManager design tree and automatically created file names in English. Existing feature and file names in a foreign language do not update when you select this option.

This option is available when Use English language menus is cleared, you are running the SolidWorks software on a foreign language operating system, and you installed SolidWorks for that foreign language.

Enable Confirmation Corner. Displays the Confirmation Corner in the upper right corner of the graphics area.

Auto-show PropertyManager. The PropertyManager appears when you select existing sketch entities, dimensions, and annotations in the graphics area. If the option is cleared and you select an item, you must select the PropertyManager tab manually to access it.

The PropertyManager always appears when you initiate a command that uses the PropertyManager for its definition.

Auto-size PropertyManager when panels are split. Resizes the PropertyManager when you split the graphics area into panels.

Automatically edit macro after recording. The macro editor opens after you have recorded and saved a macro.

Stop VSTA debugger on macro exit. Stops the VSTA macro debugger as soon as a macro exits. When cleared, leaves the debugger running so that you can continue to debug the UI or event created by the macro. For example, if a macro displays a form and exits, the form disappears as soon as the macro ends. Clear this option so that the debugger continues to run and the form is available for you to test.

Enable FeatureXpert. FeatureXpert automatically fixes parts so they rebuild successfully.

When rebuild error occurs. Select Stop, Continue, or Prompt to control the action at the first error during a rebuild. Stop the rebuild to fix the model before continuing. In the FeatureManager design tree, hover the pointer over a feature with an error to see the explanation.

Custom property used as component description. Set or type a name to define a custom description label. For example, the Open dialog box has a Description label that displays the model description. Instead of displaying the Description label, you can display a label that you specify.

If you change the Custom property used as component description in a document that has already been saved, you must manually add the new description to the Summary Information dialog box.

Show latest news feeds in task pane. Allows regular updates to be made to the items under Latest News on the SolidWorks Resources tab of the Task Pane.

Enable performance feedback. Performance information is sent to SolidWorks Corporation to help improve the product. The process is transparent and reports only system and command usage information for quality and usage evaluation. All information is confidential. For more information on the Customer Experience Feedback Program, see www.solidworks.com/pages/services/CustomerExperienceFeedbackProgram.html.

Disable additional weldment configuration description strings. Removes the As Welded and As Machined configuration descriptions when you insert a weldment feature into a new part.


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