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Performance Improvements

SOLIDWORKS 2016 addresses many performance improvements to help you get your work done faster.

Parts and assemblies

Performance improvements address many customer-driven software performance reports (SPRs) for commonly used tools. These reports often involved large parts, assemblies, or patterns. Specific functionality that was addressed include: Open Part,Open Assembly, Open Drawing, Edit Feature, Rebuild, Extrude, Move Component, pattern rebuilds, configuration changes, and expanding and deleting cut lists. In addition, the following areas were addressed:

  • Selecting a large number of components when using Assembly Visualization.
  • Creation of dynamic previews when using the Select By Size tool.
  • Regeneration of the graphics display in assemblies. This is most noticeable if you change Shaded and draft quality HLR/HLV resolution in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Image Quality.
  • The Performance Evaluation tool examines a drawing and lists rebuild times for drawing elements such as drawing views, sketch entities, and referenced files.
  • The FSAA (Full Scene Anti-Aliasing) functionality has been modified to address performance issues.
eDrawings eDrawings, as tested, has a better frame rate for large parts and assemblies and model manipulations such as rotate, pan, and zoom, which are smoother.
Performance has been addressed for sketching functionality and tests have shown when compared to SOLIDWORKS 2015:
  • Inferencing is faster on sketch contours using a large number of sketch segments.
  • Responsiveness is improved on sketches with many visible dimension labels. Previously, highlighting and selecting dimensions in large sketches could be slow.
  • Zooming with the mouse wheel is faster on sketches with a large number of sketch entities.
  • Adding many sketch entities to the Move, Copy, and Scale sketch tools results in a shorter delay.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Performance issues have been addressed such that the menus and Search tool window display more quickly for various setups and configurations. Tests show improved performance of certain operations in certain situations. For example, launching the integrated search and Search tool, and accessing search favorites and search cards shows significant improvement in cases of high latency to the database server or when the vault contains a large number of folders.
User interface In larger assemblies that contain a large number of components, the FeatureManager design tree filter could be slow and unresponsive when you typed input. You may have had to wait with each single keyboard input for the system to process information and then become responsive again. Now, the software waits for a "pause" when you type in the filter box before starting to filter the FeatureManager design tree.

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