Tasks (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

The Tasks feature in the Administration tool lets you configure, run, and monitor tasks that you perform frequently on SOLIDWORKS PDM files.

Tasks are defined by add-ins created using the SOLIDWORKS PDM APIs.


  • The SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in, which enables Convert, Design Checker, and Print tasks for use with SOLIDWORKS files
  • An API that lets programmers write their own add-ins for customized tasks

All tasks use the task framework, which provides multiple ways to execute tasks: on demand, based on a schedule, or triggered by SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow. You can configure the tasks to run on a specific computer or distribute them to both client computers and dedicated servers.

In the following illustration:

  • Task List represents tasks that are waiting to be executed.
  • Task Hosts are the computers on which a task is configured to be executed.

    A task host can be a SOLIDWORKS PDM client computer used for daily work or a dedicated workstation or server.