SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-ins (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

Add-ins extend your ability to configure SOLIDWORKS PDM.

For example, you can:
  • Install the Dispatch add-in to automate tasks and processes using SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch commands.
  • Create a serial number add-in using Visual Basic .Net and install it for use in generating serial numbers.
  • Install the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in when you create the vault to support conversion and printing of SOLIDWORKS documents.

You only have to install an add-in on one computer. It is automatically installed on all other computers that connect to the vault.

Debugging Add-ins

You can debug an add-in without adding it to the vault.

When you debug, the add-in is loaded from the place where the compiler registered it. No other users are affected by the add-in.

Do not install an add-in that you want to debug using the Administrate Add-ins dialog box.