SOLIDWORKS Toolbox includes a library of standard components (parts) that users can insert into their assemblies. SOLIDWORKS PDM can manage Toolbox so that all data management operations are performed automatically. SOLIDWORKS PDM manages both the part files and the Toolbox folder.

Once configured, users point SOLIDWORKS to the Toolbox vault folder and use Toolbox as before. SOLIDWORKS PDM automatically:
  • Checks Toolbox parts out and in as needed so the latest versions are used
  • Adds missing Toolbox parts to the vault
  • Redirects assembly references to Toolbox parts in the vault
  • Supports the use of the Toolbox Create parts option to create new parts in the vault
  • If you have replication set up, replicates the Toolbox files and database

    You must create a replication schema for the Toolbox root folder in the vault. For details on setting up replication, see the SOLIDWORKS PDM Replication Guide.

There are two methods to manage Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS PDM:

  • Complete Toolbox integration

    With complete Toolbox integration, the entire Toolbox data set, typically found under the SOLIDWORKS Data folder, is placed in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault and managed there.

  • Partial Toolbox integration

    With partial Toolbox integration, only the Toolbox files that are referenced by assemblies in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault are managed in the vault. The Toolbox folder and the source part files are stored outside the vault.