Convert Options Dialog Box

Use the Convert dialog box to set conversion options.

To display this dialog box, click Convert Files on the sidebar, then click Options.

Automatic update of BOM option

Save pre-2003 drawings with "Automatic update of BOM" Automatically updates a drawing's Bill of Materials when changes are made to the model, for all drawings created prior to SOLIDWORKS 2003.

Referenced files

Update files with missing references or rebuild errors Attempt conversion again after you restore missing referenced files.
Update files previously converted to SOLIDWORKS Redo conversion for all files after observing errors.

Configurations option

Choose one:

Activate all configurations before saving (may improve performance when switching configurations)
Save in active configuration only (may result in smaller files and shorter time to convert) - Recommended

Backup Files

Back up files to Select to make a backup zip archive of the files before they are converted. Click Browse to specify a new location for backup zip files.
If your backup files include Unicode file paths, use a zip file extraction application that supports UTF-8 encoding.