Changing Import Options

To change the import options:

  1. In the dialog box, select from the following options:
    Option Description
    Surface/solid entities Imports surface and solid entities. You must also select one of the following options:

    Try forming solid(s)

    Tries to form solids.

    Additionally, you can select B-Rep mapping, which attempts to import the model by directly mapping topologies using boundary representation (BREP) data. In general, this mode is faster than knitting, especially for complex models. If you select the Try forming solid(s) option, but do not select the B-Rep mapping option, the SOLIDWORKS application attempts to knit the surfaces into solids.

    Knit surface(s)

    Imports as surfaces and attempts to knit the imported surfaces.

    Do not knit

    Imports as surfaces and prevents surfaces from knitting.

    Free point/curve entities Imports free points and free-curve entities. You must also select one of the following options:

    Import as sketch(es)

    Imports data as 2D and 3D sketch data. If you want to import free curves, it is recommended that you select this option for performance reasons. Free points and 2D sketches import as 2D sketches. 2D curves, 3D curves, and 3D sketches import as 3D sketches.

    Import as 3D curves

    Imports data as 3D curves data. 2D and 3D curves import as curves. Free points and 2D sketches import as 2D sketches.

    Perform full entity check and repair errors Checks and repairs errors. With this option selected, import performance is slower because the software spends more time checking and repairing the model entities wherever possible. If the quality of the imported data is good, you do not need to select this option.
    Customize curve tolerance Customizes the tolerance when you import models with small entities (smallest values on the order of 1.0e-6 to 1.0e-7 meters). With this option cleared, internal tolerance settings are used that are too large to properly import and display these small models. Enter the desired tolerance in the box.
    Unit Sets the units of measure for the imported file. You must select one of the following options:

    File specified unit

    Uses the units of measure from the imported file.

    Document template specified unit

    Uses the units specified in the SOLIDWORKS template files under Tools > Options > System Options > Default Templates.

  2. Click OK.
    When you create a task, you click Options in the task properties dialog box to change the options for that task only. To change the default option values, click View > Options > Import Options .