Changing Printer Options

When you schedule batch printing of files with Task Scheduler, you can choose from many of the same settings that are available when you print directly from the SOLIDWORKS software. You can also choose to use a document's saved printer settings for each print task.

To change the printer options:

  1. In the dialog box, select from the following options:
    Option Description
    Document Printer

    Use document printer settings

    Uses settings that were saved with the selected documents when they were previously printed.


    Select a printer.


    Sets options that are specific to the selected printer.

    Page Setup

    Click to change paper size, source, and orientation.

    Print Range

    All/All sheets

    Prints all pages of the document or sheets of the drawing.


    Prints only the pages or sheets you specify.

    Number of copies Sets the number of copies to print.
    Collate (Available when printing multiple copies.)

    If selected, sorts the copies; if cleared, groups the copies.

    Print background Prints the window background, in addition to the model or drawing.
    Convert draft quality drawing views to high quality Converts the current draft quality view into high quality for printing purposes only.
    Print cross hatch on out of date views Specifies what happens when you Print (or Print Preview) a drawing that contains out-of-date views, with Allow auto-update when opening drawings cleared in System Options - Drawings.

    If Allow auto-update when opening drawings is selected, the views update automatically, and the crosshatch is removed whenever you print the drawing.

    Print white lines, text in black  
    Print grid Prints the grid when it is active in a drawing.
    Print zone lines Prints the drawing sheet zones that are defined in the sheet format.
  2. Click OK.