Touch and Multi-Touch Support

If you install SOLIDWORKS on a touch-enabled computer, you can use flick touch and multi-touch gestures in SOLIDWORKS

The back, forward, drag, and scroll flick actions are mapped to SOLIDWORKS view rotations.

Commands for all other flick actions, for example, Undo, invoke the same command in SOLIDWORKS.

For example, flick back corresponds to the left arrow view rotation (15 degrees, by default).

When you do a flick action, the default Windows command icon for the action is displayed, even though the commands are mapped to SOLIDWORKS arrow key view rotations.

You can work on models using the touch gestures and perform actions like a finger drag to rotate and a two finger drag to pan. Also, you can use Pan, Roll, and Zoom In/Out actions concurrently. These updated controls apply to Microsoft Windows 8 and later versions.

To learn how to use touch and multi-touch gestures in touch-enabled computers, see the product documentation for your device.