The menus contain nearly all the SOLIDWORKS commands.

To display the menus, pause the pointer over the SOLIDWORKS logo in the upper left hand corner. Click pin_icon.gif to pin the menus.

Menus and menu items are available depending on the active document type and environment. Many commands are also available in:

  • CommandManager
  • Toolbars
  • Shortcut menus
  • Task Pane

You can customize menus to hide or show items, and you can hide all menus in full screen mode.

When Interactive What's New is on and a menu item is new in the current release, appears next to the menu item. Click to access information about the new functionality.

Some commands are available only on shortcut menus, for example:
  • Recent Commands
  • Create sub-weldment
  • Insert into New Part (molds, sub-weldments)