Impact Assessment Methodologies

You can choose either CML or TRACI as the impact assessment methodologies to display the environmental impact of your study.

When you start a new SOLIDWORKS Sustainability study, the most recently used assessment methodology becomes the default. For example, if the last study you completed used the CML methodology, this is the default the next time you run Sustainability.

Expand the drop-down list at the bottom of the Environmental Impact section of the Sustainability task pane to select the method to use:


This methodology was developed by the Center for Environmental Sciences (CML or Centre for Milieukunde, Leiden) at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands.

CML is based on European regional conditions. For LCA studies outside of North America, the CML methodology is the most commonly-used set of environmental indicators used for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

CML is the assessment methodology for models save in versions of SOLIDWORKS prior to SOLIDWORKS 2013.


This methodology was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

TRACI is based on regional conditions of the United States and can be used to accurately model North American LCA studies.