Creating a Report

You can create a report that provides details about the environmental impact of your design, including comparisons between the final material and the baseline material.

  1. Save the model and ensure that Microsoft Word is not running.
    If you have closed all Microsoft Word documents and still receive a message that Microsoft Word is running when you run the report, open the Task Manager. On the Processes tab, locate and end the WINWORD.exe process.
  2. Click Save As at the bottom of the Task Pane.
  3. In the Sustainability Output dialog box, for File type, select Report - Generate a Sustainability report in .docx format.
  4. Optionally, change the File name and Save file to location.
    By default, the name and location of the part or assembly you are evaluating is used as the name and location for the output file.
  5. Click OK.
    The report opens as a Microsoft Word document. A link to the document appears in the task bar.
    The report is saved to the location of the part file: drive letter:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS version\tutorial\Sustainability\Drive Sled.docx.
    If the report does not open, you need to add the template location. Click Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations . In Show folders for, select Sustainability Report Template Folder, then add the folder drive letter:\SOLIDWORKS\lang\language.
  6. Scroll through the document and note the detailed information about each type of environmental impact.
    Links after each section bring you to the SOLIDWORKS Sustainability web site where you find more information about this product.
  7. Save the report.
  8. Save the model and click cancel.png to close the Sustainability Task Pane.
    The software saves the results to the Save file to location, by default with the model.