Reordering 3D Views

You can reorder 3D views on the 3D Views tab by using drag and drop or Sort Order.

Reordering 3D Views Using Drag and Drop

To reorder 3D views using drag and drop:

  1. Select a 3D view.
  2. Drag and drop it to a location.
    When you reorder views using drag and drop, the reordered view is called Custom.

Reordering 3D Views Using Sort Order

To reorder 3D views using Sort Order:

On the 3D Views tab, under Sort order, select an option.
Option Sorting Order
Name Alphabetical by 3D view name.
Configuration Alphabetical by configuration, then by 3D view name.
Display State Alphabetical by display state, then by 3D view name.
Custom Order saved from drag and drop reorganization.
History Order created.