Creating 3D Views

Available in SOLIDWORKS MBD.

The properties you save in the Capture 3D View PropertyManager are automatically applied when you double-click the view in the 3D Views tab.

When you capture a 3D view, you are capturing whatever is in the graphics area. First, you set up the view the way you want it, and then capture the view. This is a useful way to include or exclude 3D PMI in a 3D view for better organization.

To create 3D views:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • At the bottom of the SOLIDWORKS window, on the 3D Views tab, click Capture 3D View.
    • Click Capture 3D View (SOLIDWORKS MBD CommandManager or toolbar).
  2. In the PropertyManager:
    1. In 3D View Name, type a name.
    2. Under Configuration, select a model configuration.
      By default, the current configuration in the graphics area will be saved in the 3D view.
    3. Under Display state, select a display state.
      By default, the current display state in the graphics area will be saved in the 3D view.
    4. Under Annotation Views, select the annotation views to include.
  3. Click .