Folder and Workflow State Permissions

The permissions required to access files and items are a combination of folder permissions and state permissions.

SOLIDWORKS PDM permissions apply to items as well as files. For example, a user must have the Add or rename file permission to rename an item.
The minimum permission for a user must have to see a file checked in to the vault are:
  • Permissions per Folder tab

    Read file contents

    Show working versions of files

  • State Permissions tab

    Read file contents

User need additional combinations of permissions for other operations.

For example, to allow a user to add a file to a folder, on the Permissions per Folder tab, you must give the user the Add or delete a folder permission for that folder. On the State Permissions tab, you must also give the user the Add or rename file permission for the initial state of the file in the workflow.

Based on how you set their permissions, you can give users or groups different access to the same files stored in the same folder in the vault.

For example, you can give an engineer read permission on a folder and read permission for all workflow states. The engineer will always be able to see the files in the folder. You can then give a supplier the same read permission on the folder but read permission only for the Approved workflow state. The supplier will only be able to see files that are in the Approved state.