Delegating Management of User Account and Group Permissions

You can give users the ability to assign permissions to specific files and folders when they access the vault from the Windows Explorer.

To delegate management of user account and group permissions:

  1. Under Users, double-click the user account.
  2. In the user account's Properties dialog box, on the Permissions per Folder tab, select the folder for which the user will have the permissions.
  3. Under Permissions:
    • If you select Assign group membership, the user can use the Group Membership tab of the folder's Properties dialog box to change the groups to which users belong when they are accessing files in the folder.

      Users assigned to a group for a specific folder have the same permissions for the folder that the group has. On the General tab of the user account's and group's Properties dialog boxes in the Administration tool, the user is shown as a member, but only for that folder.

    • If you select Assign file permissions, the user can use the Permissions tab of the folder's Properties dialog box to give specific users permissions to the folder.
    • If you select Permit or deny group-level access to files, the user can select a file in the folder and use the File Permissions tab of the file's Properties dialog box to control whether all users or only users that belong to specific groups can see the file.
  4. Click OK.