Resolving Missing User Login Information

You can manage vault permissions for the user account that has incorrect credentials on the archive server.

To resolve missing user information:

  1. Right-click the user account and select Information.
  2. When a message indicates that the user information is not found on the archive server, click OK.
  3. Check for the problems on the archive server.
    • The default login type for the vault has changed.

      For example, if user accounts were added when the vault was set to use SOLIDWORKS PDM login, and you change to Windows login instead, the user names do not match the Windows user names.

      The login type might have changed in the vault-specific properties.
    • The users or groups added to the Windows login settings have been removed or renamed on the Windows server, so that the active user names in the vault are not found in the Windows login settings.
    • The archive server system has been moved or reinstalled without restoring the archive settings, so that the active user names in the vault do not match the archive server settings.
    • The archive server hosts a replicated vault and the login settings have changed on another archive server. The archive server cannot communicate with the other server or does not have the same domain credentials for added Windows users.
  4. If the archive server is configured correctly and the login type is set to SOLIDWORKS PDM, but a user still shows a red plus-sign symbol after validating user accounts, re-add the user login information on the archive server:
    1. Double-click the user to open the Properties dialog box.
    2. Click Set Password.
    3. Assign a new password and click OK.
    4. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box.
    5. Right-click Users and select Validate Logins again.