Setting the Flow Outlet Conditions

You must select a face to which to apply the outlet boundary conditions and parameters.

  • The face must touch the fluid.
  • You can select one face only for the inlet.
  • You must select the Pressure metric for either the inlet or outlet condition.


  Metrics Select a metric to use for the flow calculation:


Uses pressure as the flow metric. In the Environment Pressure box, set a value. SOLIDWORKS FloXpress interprets this value as a total pressure for incoming flows and as a static pressure for outgoing flows. The same interpretation is applied if a vortex crosses the inlet or outlet.

If you use the Pressure metric for both the inlet and outlet, the inlet pressure must exceed the outlet pressure.

Volume Flow Rate

Uses flow rate volume as the flow metric. In the Volume Flow Rate box, set a value.

select_face_planar.png Face to Apply Outlet Boundary Condition Sets the face used for the outlet boundary. SOLIDWORKS FloXpress remembers the initial selection in later calculations. Arrows from the face indicate the flow direction.

Temperature Sets the temperature of the incoming fluid. Temperature may affect the fluid properties.
FloXpress does not consider heat transfer effects.