Viewing Results

When SOLIDWORKS FloXpress completes the analysis, you can examine flow trajectories , which are the flow lines between the inlet and outlet openings. Trajectories are tangent to the flow velocity at every point.

To view results:

Set the PropertyManager options. When done, click PM_OK.gif to close FloXpress and save the results.

Velocity Plot

Trajectories Displays an animated velocity plot of the trajectories. The color-coded velocity range, in meters per second, appears in the graphics area. The trajectories are colored according to the velocity values at each point.

Animate animate_play.png Button

Starts the velocity plot animation. Select Pipes or Balls under Plot Settings.

Stop Animation animate_stop.png Button

Stops the animation so you can change the Plot Settings to view a different animation.

Plot Settings

  Inlet and Outlet Presents how the flow moves inside the part as viewed from the inlet or outlet perspective.
pm_number_of_trajectories.gif Number of Trajectories  
Pipes Represent the trajectories as pipes.
Balls Represent the trajectories as balls.


Snap Image Saves a snapshot of the flow trajectories as a JPEG image. The images are automatically saved in a folder named fxp1 located in the same folder as the model.
  Generate Report Creates a Microsoft Word report that contains all the project information, the maximum flow velocity values, and any snapped images. Save the report to the desired location. The parameters, referred to as Goals, appear as values averaged or mass-averaged over the fluid volume or over an inlet or outlet surface.