Print3D PropertyManager - Preview Tab

Use the Preview tab of the Print3D PropertyManager to run preview analyses to evaluate the current print job.

To access the Print3D PropertyManager:

  • Click File > Print3D.

Build Analysis

  Show faces that require supports Enables analysis of face support.
Set angle from vertical Defines the support threshold based on the angle from vertical.

Faces that extend more than this angle relative to the print bed must be supported using geometry during 3D printing.

  Support face color Indicates faces that require supports.

Click Edit Color to change the support face color.

  Supports not required Indicates faces that do not require supports.

Click Edit Color to change color of faces that do not require support.

  Show as transparent Makes the geometry that does not need support transparent so that you can more easily see the areas that need support.
  Show striation lines Displays striation lines on the model as a texture.
Set striation size Specifies the layer height of the striation lines.

The default layer height is 0.3mm, which corresponds to a coarse printer resolution with a relatively fast printer speed.

  Show as bump map Displays striation lines as a bump map.
To view striation lines as a bump map:
  • RealView must be enabled in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Show striation lines that require support must be cleared.