Identifying Faces that Require Supports

The Preview tab of the Print3D PropertyManager lets you run a preview analysis to identify faces that require supports during 3D printing.

Printers have different rules for face angles that require supports. Often, if the angle of a face extends more than 45º relative to the print bed, the face must be supported using support geometry during 3D printing.

To identify faces that require supports:

  1. Click File > Print3D.
  2. On the PropertyManager Preview tab, under Build Analysis, select Show faces that require supports.
  3. Set the angle from vertical to define the support threshold.
    This is the angle above which you should add supports to prevent the model from collapsing while it is printing.
  4. To define the color of the faces that need or do not need support:
    1. For Support face color, click Edit Color.
      Select the color to use and click OK.
    2. For Supports not required, click Edit Color.
      Select the color to use and click OK.
    The colors you select are reflected in the model.

  5. Click Show as transparent to make the geometry that does not need support transparent so that you can more easily see the areas that need support.
  6. Click .