Changing the Model Scale

You can specify a scale factor to control the printed size of a model.

To change the model scale:

  1. Click File > Print3D.
  2. In the Print3D PropertyManager, on the Settings tab, select a model face to act as the bottom plane of the model.
    Under Scale, the default scale is set to 1, which is the size of the model in the software.
  3. Hover over the scale factor input box.
    The software calculates the maximum recommended scale factor and informs you of this limit.
    If you change the orientation of the face that is aligned with the print bed, the maximum recommended scale factor is recalculated.
  4. Set the scale by doing one of the following:
    1. Type a value for the scale factor.
      The new value is saved as a document property. When you print the model again, the saved value is used unless you change it.
    2. Click Scale to Fit to apply the maximum scale factor.
    3. Click Orient to Fit and Scale to Fit.
      The software orients the model and scales it so that you get the largest possible printed model.

  5. Click .