Reorienting the Model to Fit the Print Volume

If you select Orient to Fit when you specify a model's print bed location, the software automatically reorients the model so that the highest volume of the printed model fits within the print volume.

To reorient the model to fit the print volume:

  1. Click File > Print3D.
  2. In the Print3D PropertyManager, on the Settings tab, expand Print Bed Location.
  3. Select the face to act as the bottom plane of the model.

  4. Click Orient to Fit.

    The software translates the model parallel to the print bed or rotates the model about its axis normal to the print bed to fit the entire model, at its current scale, within the print volume.

    If Orient to Fit does not fit the entire model within the print volume, the model geometry outside the print volume is highlighted in red. In this case, you can specify a scale parameter or select both Scale to Fit and Orient to Fit, so the software can fit the model into the print volume.
  5. Click .