Title Block Table PropertyManager

Use the Title Block Table PropertyManager to insert a title block table into a part or assembly.

To open this PropertyManager:

Click Title Block Table (Tables toolbar) or Insert > Tables > Title Block Table.

Table Template

Click PM_Table_Browse_Template.gif to browse to an existing title block table template (file extension .sldtbt).

Table Size

If you do not select a title block table template, you can set the number of table Columns and Rows.

To change the number of columns and rows after creating the table, right-click in the table border and select Insert or Delete.


  Use document settings Uses border settings stored with model.

To change document settings, click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options . On the Document Properties tab, under Drafting Standard, expand Tables and click Title Block Table.

Clear this option to set border widths manually.

Box Border Sets a line thickness for the outside border of the table.
Grid Border Sets a line thickness for the inner grid lines of the table.

Text Format

All uppercase Select to specify that all characters in the table are uppercase.

Title Block Table Scaling

After inserting the table, click in the upper left corner to display the Title Block Table PropertyManager with the Title Block Table Scaling control.

Use the control to change the table size.